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BRIN Discovers New Species of Frog in Southeast Sulawesi


Jakarta, IO – A researcher from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) discovered a new species of brown frog with a round snout on Mount Mekongga, Southeast Sulawesi, at an altitude of 2,528 meters above sea level.

BRIN Biosystematics and Evolution researcher Auni Ade Putri said the endemic frog was named Oreophryne riyantoi sp. after a senior researcher at the department Awal Riyanto.

“This appreciation was given as a form of recognition for his extraordinary contribution in the field of taxonomy and herpetofauna conservation in Sulawesi,” she said, per, Thursday (26/10).

The frog was discovered after a morphological and phylogenetic analysis process by the herpetology team at BRIN. Interestingly, it was found living in mountainous forests contrary to the fact that the genus Oreophryne is usually found living in open grasslands in the highlands.

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“Based on in-depth analysis and a number of other identification process, the team agrees and believes that this specimen is validated as a different species, and does not yet have a scientific name,” said Auni.

Currently, Sulawesi amphibians that inhabit the lowlands and mountains face serious threats in the form of habitat loss and climate change. Therefore, BRIN is prioritizing herpetological exploration in the critical areas. (bp)


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