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Biden to make maiden visit to Papua New Guinea


Jakarta, IO – US President Joe Biden will make a historic visit to Papua New Guinea (PNG) next month.  This will be his first visit to the country in southwest Pacific.

PNG Foreign Minister Justin Tkatchenko disclosed the plan on Thursday (27/4) local time.  Biden’s visit will be short but highly symbolic, reported Detik, Thursday (27/4).

Tkatchenko said Biden plans to make a stop in the capital Port Moresby in May en route to the G7 summit in Japan and the Quad meeting in Sydney, Australia.

“He (Biden) will arrive in the morning of May 22 and will be here for only three hours,” said Tkatchenko.

He added that talks between Biden and PNG leaders are expected to focus on economic, security and climate change issues.

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This visit also demonstrates PNG’s growing strategic importance, as the US and its allies compete with China for influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Port Moresby in 2018 with a rousing welcome, where Chinese national flags flown in the capital and presidential motorcade drove past the cheering crowds. (rr)


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