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Mahfud MD: The state won’t apologize for serious human rights violations in the past


Jakarta, IO – Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD said the state through President Joko Widodo would declare that 39 Indonesian citizens currently living in exile as a result of the September 30, 1965 (G30S) tragedy are not traitors to the country.

Mahfud also said that the state will not apologize for gross human rights violations in the past, but have acknowledged and regretted that they happened and is ready to conduct non-judicial settlement, reported Katadata, Wednesday (3/5).

In other words, the government will focus on providing redress to the victims and not on finding and prosecuting the perpetrators of the 12 incidents as referred to by President Joko Widodo not too long ago.

“The government acknowledges that the incidents did occur and regrets that they happened,” said Mahfud.

He emphasized that non-judicial settlement would not change MPRS Decree 25/1966 on the dissolution of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). However, Mahfud assured that the government would rehabilitate the status of the victims in the near future.

Many of the victims are now living in exile overseas due to their association with PKI. Mahfud noted that many people who were not involved could not return to the country because they were sent to study overseas at the time by PKI.


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