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Bekasi’s captivating countryside Sundanese eatery


IO – Imagine a plate of hot rice, stir-fried water spinach, crab in black pepper sauce and grilled chicken being served right before your eyes. Anyone would be so tempted to have a bite of the Sundanese cuisine. The countryside atmosphere in the restaurant adds up the fun during lunchtime.

“Saung Wulan”, in Tambun, Bekasi is a Sundanese eatery offering countryside nuance for hungry and tired visitors, foodies who would cherish the sensation of eating in a saung (a small traditional hut, usually placed in a paddy field for farmers to rest and have lunch) over a pond filled with hungry fish to feed, a joy for kids, and a miniature paddy field in between the ponds.

Fish pond
Fish pond with large fish. Photo: Nurvita Indarini

After eating, guests can stroll around the parts of the restaurant and take pictures at “Instagrammable” spots: British red telephone box, wooden swing, the mini paddy field and loads of other spots.

Menus to satiate your appetite
Saung Wulan is located in a fairly broad area; hence, it serves as a family and colleague gathering site. The restaurant also provides a meeting hall for wedding venues.

One of the must-try dishes in Saung Wulan is Grilled Gurami, with different grill sauces, Ikan Gurame Bakar Raja Sunda tops the other grilled Gurami sauce. The seasoning brings out the taste of the perfectly-grilled, tender fish.

Appetizing Roast Ribs
Appetizing Roast Ribs. Photo: Nurvita Indarini

The next Saung Wulan dish to try is Saung Wulan Roast Ribs, with prominent, juicy meat covering the ribs. The meat slips off easily from the bone, which only means one thing: tenderness. The sweet sauce of the ribs and savory taste of the soup blended in one delicacy. Hot rice and sambal terasi (ground chili sauce with shrimp paste) match the Roast Ribs just right.

Is crab your favorite seafood? Saung Wulan offers different sauces for crabs, namely Black Pepper Sauce, Sweet and Sour Sauce, and Padang Sauce to complement the crab dish. The Black Pepper Sauce is one to recommend; it gives a uniquely pungent taste to the crab. Our ordered Black Pepper Sauce Crab was gone in seconds!

Sundanese cuisine is not really Sundanese without vegetable dishes. Saung Wulan has various veggie dishes appealing to your taste: Karedok (mixed raw chopped-vegetable blended in Sundanese peanut sauce, Water Spinach Sautéed, Cap Cay (Chinese Indonesian stir-fried vegetable dish originated from Fujian cuisine), Thai’s Toma Yam, Tofu Sapo, Chicken or Shrimp and Mushroom soup, and the tasty Saung Wulan Rib Soup.

Various drinks to sip by the fish pond
Here at Saung Wulan, visitors will be attracted to the freshwater fish pond, with big fish dancing and floating to the water surface. A relaxing scene to watch while sipping your cold drinks.

Durian and coconut Ice and Kopyor (a different breed of coconut with a butterier taste) and Durian Ice, Saung Wulan Es Campur (cold and sweet dessert concoction of fruit cocktails, coconut, tapioca pearls, grass jellies, served in shaved ice, syrup and condensed milk) and other sweet and cold drinks to quench your thirst.

Grilled Fish
Saung Wulan Grilled Fish. Photo: Nurvita Indarini

Aside from the sweet and cold drinks, Saung Wulan also provides hot and calming ones to soothe your sore throat or coughing problem; warm Ginger Extract Drink, Ginger Milk, Turmeric and Ginger Drink and Hot Lemon Tea will clear your throat instantly.

Feeding the fish is an activity visitors would not want to miss! A small pack of fish pellets only cost IDR 3,000 and can bring a joyful experience to the children or even adult guests. Beautiful white ducks in the pool will also join the feeding feast.

All of the food and drinks are quite affordable. Seafood menus commonly cost IDR40,000 per portion, and vegetables are IDR20,000, while drinks are between IDR 10,000 and IDR 50,000.

Planning to come over on the weekend and feed the fish? (nur)


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