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Baduy elders wants internet connection in the isolated village cut, say it gives negative effects


Jakarta, IO – The elders of the reclusive Baduy tribe in Kanekes village in the province of Banten sent to Lebak regency administration to request internet blackout in their village. The Inner Baduy people are known for their stance to stick to their indigenous way of life, frowning upon symbols of modernity and limiting contact with outsiders.

Kanekes village head Saija explained that one of the reasons behind the rejection is that internet access has brought negative effects to their young generation, especially the Inner Baduy in several villages such as Cikeusik, Cibeo and Cikartawana, per Kompas, Monday (12/6).

“In Outer Baduy there are still a lot of online businesses, so internet access is needed. But not here,” said Saija.

Communications and Information Ministry’s (Kominfo) Public Information and Communication director general Usman Kansong said he respected the request and will immediately follow it up.

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“In principle, we respect the request of the Baduy ancestral leaders to cut off the internet network in Inner Baduy area,” said Usman.

He said Kominfo will take necessary steps by involving all relevant parties to discuss the request. “We will sit together to find the best solution.” (un)


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