Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 21:45 WIB

Acupuncture helpful with pregnancy programs


Jakarta, IO – Couples who are married for a year or more, but still not blessed with a child, can enroll in pregnancy programs if they choose to. “These programs are adjusted to match the condition of the couple. They prepare the couple’s physical and mental readiness to face pregnancy: for the future mother, so that they can undergo a healthy pregnancy based on healthy eggs; for the future father, so that they develop healthy sperm that will generate healthy babies, and so that they can support their wives during and after the pregnancy and childbirth,” said dr. Yassin Yanuar MIB, Sp.OG, KFER, M.Sc., Bamed Clinic infertility consultant, in the “Road to Bamed Clinic Anniversary” webinar held late last month. 

Couples should go into pregnancy programs when they are ready to have children. In general, they are divided into those meant for couples with no reproductive problems, and for those who have reproductive problems, even possible infertility. Newlywed couples who are younger, married for a year or less, and have no symptoms of fertility disorders, can perform the basic and natural pregnancy program of regular sexual relations (once every 2-3 days), and consume healthy food. 

“However, couples whose wives are 35 years old or more, have rare or irregular periods, suffer from extreme pain during their periods, and who have been married for over a year, should immediately see a doctor for a health check,” dr. Yassin said. 


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