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668 polling stations to rerun election


Jakarta, IO – The General Elections Commission (KPU) will conduct repeat polls in five regencies/municipalities in four provinces. KPU chairman Hasyim As’syari said this was due to several reasons, per Okezone, Thu (15/2).

They consist of 108 polling stations in Demak, Central Java, in 10 villages hit by flood, eight in Batam City, Riau Islands, due to shortage of ballot papers. 92 in Paniai, Central Papua, due to damaged logistics. 456 in Puncak Jaya, Central Papua. Four in Jayawijaya, Highland Papua, due to security disturbances.

The repeat voting was carried out in accordance with KPU Regulation 25/2023 on voting and vote counting and Article 110 (1) of Law 7/2017 on general elections.

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These regulations state that if part or all of a electoral district experiences riots, security disturbances, natural disasters or other disturbances, it is necessary to carry out additional voting and/or counting of additional votes. (un)


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