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6,000 toddlers in Surabaya suffer from ISPA


Jakarta, IO – Hundreds of thousands of Surabaya residents contracted Acute Respiratory Infection (ISPA) and pneumonia. As many as 6,000 of them are toddlers.

Surabaya Health Agency head Nanik Sukristina said the records were based on data for the first semester of 2023, per Detikcom, Friday (8/9).

“The cumulative data on ISPA cases based on reports from the Surabaya City Health Agency in the January-July period totalled 174,222 cases,” said Nanik.

“Data on toddler pneumonia cases based on reports from Surabaya City Health Agency in January-July amounted to 6,401 cases.”

Nanik also said that her agency has made efforts to reduce the morbidity rate. One of them is by fulfilling balanced nutrition requirement in toddlers.

In addition, the agency also facilitates pneumonia vaccination through free PCV immunization at the community health center (Puskesmas) for babies aged 2 months.

“To carry out early detection of toddlers with complaints of coughing and treatment according to pneumonia prevention standards,” he said.

Nanik explained that respiratory diseases are included in the 10 most common diseases in Surabaya. The complaint figure even reached 21.43 percent.

“Complaints in the respiratory system can not only be caused by viral or bacterial infections. But they can also be triggered by factors such as allergens, for example food, drink, animals, dust and others,” he said. (un)


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