World parliamentary forum on sustainable development, JK: No developed country without financial network

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) opens the World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development (WPFSD) in Bali, Wednesday (4/9/2019).

IO, Bali – Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) opened the World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development (WPFSD) in Bali, Wednesday (4/9/2019). On this occasion, Vice President JK conveyed the important role of partnerships to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To all parliamentarians and delegates present, Vice President JK declared that since its adoption in 2015, the SDGs have achieved notable progress. This progress is certainly inseparable from the collaboration among all stakeholders. “For SDGs, there has been much progress. Progress can be achieved if we work together,” said Vice President JK in his remarks.

Vice President JK stressed that to continue with the SDGs, transformational changes would be needed to strengthen partnerships with developed countries. This should be done more intensively. “…based on the 17th goal of the SDGs, which is cooperation to achieve objectives. Today we are implementing the 17th goal to collaborate to achieve the objectives that we have agreed on for humanity, justice, and also for growth,” he explained.

Vice President JK said that the SDGs had links to one another. There are three aims of the SDGs, he said. The first issue is how infrastructure and industrial innovation can create equal opportunities in all countries. Because of a fundamental change in industrial technology, it has become very important for all countries to cooperate at this time. “For the common progress that is the aim of this forum, all must have a shared view and attitude,” said JK.

The second issue is about realizing clean water programs in rural areas. Of course, this must start off with a good system. Many countries have succeeded, but many others have not. “Clean water is the main base to improve public health,” he added.

The third issue is ensuring a healthy life for all, and inclusive urban developments and settlements, as well as reducing inequality. On this issue, JK stressed the need to increase inclusive financial partnerships.

According to him, there is no developed country without financial networks; that is why financial services must be wide open. Financial access for the community must be open. “I hope these discussions will be productive and useful, increasing partnerships to achieve SDGs,” said JK.

Vice President JK hopes that this forum can be utilized as much as possible for all members of parliament and delegates present, so that Indonesia’s goals in sustainable development can be realized by 2030. (dsy)