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V2 Indonesia with APTIKNAS become the pioneer to introduce communications technology platform


Jakarta, IO – V2 Indonesia, which focuses on leading tech provider once again demonstrated its existence by collaborating and showing a series of the latest technologies at the 2023 Integrated Technology Exhibition and Forum – Integrated Technology Event (ITE) held at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. It integrates Smart City support sectors starting from clean water management, waste management, security system management, fire protection and intelligent transportation systems into various exhibitions, such as Indo Water, Indo Waste, Indo Renergy, Indo Security, Indo Firex and Indonesia International Smart City 2023 Expo & Forum (IISMEX).

Officially opened by the Home Minister Tito Karnavian, ITE 2023 is the result of collaboration between Home Ministry through the Directorate General of Regional Administration Development with PT Napindo Media Ashatama (Napindo) and the National Information and Communication Technology Entrepreneurs Association (APTIKNAS), specifically  focused on supporting IISMEX 2023 by pioneering the implementation of Smart Nation with the concept of building six pillars of technology, namely Smart City, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, CyberSecurity, BlockChain, and Hardware. This is done to complement various information, technology and business solutions for Smart City development in Indonesia.

In this activity, Home Minister Tito Karnavian specifically visited the V2 Indonesia booth, which together with APTIKNAS presented the first hologram communication platform in the country as well as proof that V2 Indonesia is always at the forefront in applying the latest technologies to realize the implementation of smart cities. The technology is Proto Hologram which creates a realistic volumetric video experience in 4K resolution, which can be used in business, education, entertainment, health, retail and telecommunications activities.

Proto itself has made global headlines for executives, athletes, entertainers, educators and artists around the world to forge deeper connections, while saving time and money, and reducing carbon damage. Proto is the first plug & play, human-sized, portable hologram device and most recently Proto also released the Proto M which has a more compact design and makes it easy to place on your office desk or in your home work space. Previously, V2 Indonesia itself introduced this technology to the Indonesian market in October 2022.

Intermediate Urban Expert Analyst at the Directorate General of Regional Administration Development at the Home Ministry Gensly Bachtiar said that collaboration with all stakeholders in smart urban management, known as a smart city, is useful for improving the best service for the community. “One of the elements is the use of technology. This collaboration is in line with regulation PP 59/2022 on urban areas,” said Gensly. He further said that urban management can certainly collaborate with the business sector in terms of the use of technology.

Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia, added that V2 Indonesia together with APTIKNAS are proud to be able to introduce hologram technology to the government sector.  “It is hoped that this technology will be able to provide benefits for future government needs.  With Proto, all communication needs have the ability to hear, see and interact with a more ‘real’ visual display.  Proto itself can be used in various fields such as advertising, communications, education, and others. “Brands can use Proto Epic and Proto M as a means for them to hold product showcases and pop-up activations by presenting more interesting and creative content,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the General Chair of APTIKNAS, Soegiharto Santoso, admitted that he was proud of the technology products marketed by the V2 Indonesia company. “I am very proud and honored to collaborate with the V2 Indonesia company.  “Moreover, Mr. Rudi Hidayat is willing to help become the administrator of APTIKNAS and he serves as Chairman of the Smart City Committee, so there is a great harmony between his position and his business of developing smart cities in Indonesia,” he said.

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Apart from hologram technology, V2 Indonesia also presented superior products for command center and meeting room needs.  In the command center area, V2 Indonesia presented the latest technology from the leading LED brand, namely Unilumin.  As a Unilumin distributor in Indonesia, V2 Indonesia presents the latest LED display, namely UMiniIII Pro P0.9.  Umini III pro is a leading technology product that is specially designed.  This product can produce crystal clear images, a comfortable viewing experience with a minimalist design and high protection performance, which allows users to wear it in daily activities.

Not only LED displays from Unilumin, visitors can also see a variety of LED displays for retail, creative and various technological needs in other sectors. Meanwhile, in the meeting room area, visitors are presented with technology for meeting room needs such as Hisense GoBoard, Kandao 360 Pro camera, and other superior products. (des)


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