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Unique Moment, two of Jokowi’s cabinet ministers pretend to be journalists


Meanwhile, Sri Mulyani and Pratikno sat cross-legged with journalists.  If journalists offer smartphones to record President Jokowi’s statement, the two ministers seem to be listening to what their boss was saying.  Both of them watched the President who was being doorstoped by journalists.  When President Jokowi was asked about his youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, who hinted that he is ready to run for Depok mayorship, Jokowi smiled. He then gave an answer that made the ministers and journalists laugh.

“You know, I’m used to it, when children are already married, the responsibility is on them,” said Jokowi.

“If I am asked, I will definitely give advice. But if I am not asked, I will not give advice. Ask Kaesang directly.”

When asked again whether it was true that he has given his blessing to Kaesang, he answered diplomatically that it is the parents’ duty to give blessings and prayers.  “The parents’ job is to bless and pray (for their children),” said Jokowi.

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Sri Mulyani and Pratikno then got up from their seats and stood behind the President.  The two remained behind the president until the media doorstop session was over.  (rr)


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