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“The Show Live On Tour 2024” – Niall Horan hypnotizes fans


Jakarta, IO – Jakarta has recently enjoyed an unforgettable special night with Niall Horan as part of his “The Show Live On Tour 2024.” Held at Beach City International Stadium, Ancol, North Jakarta, on May 11, 2024, and promoted by Sound Rhythm, the concert enticed and captivated thousands of Niall’s music-lovers, with a mesmerizing performance that opened with special guest Elijah Woods. 

Niall performed remarkably, singing 20 of his hits, from “Nice to Meet Ya” to “Slow Hands,” as his fans enthusiastically sang along with him, crowding the stadium and sharing an amazing moment with Niall. 

“We had a lot of fun here over the years; let’s make more memories tonight, okay?” shouted Niall to the audience. The audience hysterically responded to Niall; they screamed and sang along the whole time. 

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The concert not only showcased Niall Horan’s vocal and musical talents but also featured innovative stage design and impressive visual effects, creating an intimate yet magnificent setting. 

“After such a long time, we made it back. Thank you so much for having us and selling this place out for me. I really appreciate it; you are absolutely the best, and I also thank every single one of you for spending your well-earned money to come and watch me, because in the world we live in, it is not easy to get to the concert. It’s not just concert tickets; it’s travel, drinks, food, merchandise, everything that comes with the show. In this audience, we have a lot of students, and then we also have a lot of parents who bring multiple children, and I really appreciate the efforts and the time and your well-earned money to come and watch me. So I appreciated it. Thank you so much. Have you had a good time tonight? Let’s not make it that long again. I’ll see you soon, safe home; I love you lots; this is Slow Hands,” said Niall sympathetically while ending his “The Show Live On Tour 2024” in Jakarta. 

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“We, the Sound Rhythm, thank all of Niall Horan’s fans for coming to the concert and becoming a huge part of the special night with Niall Horan in Jakarta. Look forward to our next events and stadium show with Sound Rhythm,” said Ahmad Satrio, Sound Rhythm’s Head of Marketing and Communications. 

“The Show Live On Tour 2024” in Jakarta has once again proved Niall Horan’s amazing talent and his fans’ loyalty around the world. Concert attendees will forever treasure their memories with Niall and his beautiful music. (des)


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