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“I still love Indonesia”


Bill Kadarusman, US Army Reserve officer

Jakarta, IO – Bill Kadarusman, born in Malang, East Java, had always dreamed about being a soldier. Unexpectedly, he made his dream come true when he emigrated to the United States. 

As one of a few in the Indonesian diaspora to have joined the US military, Bill now holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves. 

“I wanted to be a soldier since I was little. I grew up in Indonesia during the Soeharto era. What I observed in the administration, during Soeharto era, they all came from the military,” Bill told VOA Indonesia on the “Ketika Hidup Harus Diperjuangkan” (meaning “When Life Must Be Fought For”) program. 

In his early time in the military, Bill was deployed to Iraq. He was then only a private. In March 2024, having risen through the ranks, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. 

Bill revealed that he had no particular ambitions as his achievements are already quite high, in his opinion. “I think it’s high enough for me,” Bill said. 

Even though he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Bill said he still loves Indonesia and would proudly say he was Indonesian when others asked about his country of origin. 

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“I’m Indonesian. When people ask where I’m from, I always say I’m Indonesian. My sense of pride in Indonesia never fades. My birthplace is Indonesia,” he said. 

Bill’s superior at the US Army Reserve, Brigadier General Jaime Areizaga, said he was proud of Bill’s work in the US military. 

“He was born and raised in Indonesia, with Indonesian culture and language, then came to America and worked hard academically. He is also a musician. We are very proud of his knowledge and talent,” said Areizaga. (rp)


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