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The enchanted “Negeri Sayur Sukomakmur”

Negeri Sayur Sukomakmur
Negeri Sayur Sukomakmur
Negeri Sayur Sukomakmur
Negeri Sayur Sukomakmur
Negeri Sayur Sukomakmur
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Magelang, IO – Magelang never ceases to thrill the hearts of everyone who visits. From the cultural heritage of Borobudur Temple to the attractions of Mount Merapi and Mount Sumbing, Magelang offers a wide range of experiences for visitors to explore. 

“Negeri Sayur Sukomakmur” is an interesting land, one planted with a variety of vegetables, located on the slopes of Mount Sumbing, Nampan, Sukomakmur Village, Kajoran District, Magelang, Central Java. It is definitely an eco-tourism site one should not miss. 

Sukomakmur Village has been dubbed the “Land of the Vegetable” as it holds an abundance of assorted high-quality vegetables planted in their residents’ farmlands. The residents’ collective farmlands make Sukomakmur Village a unique tourist spot for visitors to explore the lush vegetable fields. 

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Apart from exploring vegetable fields and enjoying the village beauty, tourists can also learn about local farming techniques and vegetable processing methods. But if that is not enough, they can purchase fresh vegetables grown in this village. 

Interested in a novel and healthy tour? Come to the “Land of the Vegetable!” It is truly an exciting experience.

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