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Stevan Pasaribu – a new debut


Jakarta, IO – Rising soloist Stevan Pasaribu is back with his recent works. Following viral songs like “Belum Siap Kehilangan,” “Ternyata Hanya Kamu,” and “Haunting,” a few of his hit songs, the North Sumatra-Padang Sidempuan-born musician has now successfully released his debut album, “Harapan” (Hope). 

Stevan expressed how his newly-released album was inspired by the heart’s restlessness, turmoil, and indescribable love. “In the end, I express it through this “Harapan” album,” said the soloist. 

Consisting of nine songs, with five new tunes among them, the album-making process was recounted by Stevan: “I wanted to release an album, as I happen to have a few released songs. My dream to compile all my songs into an album has finally come true. The album implies the word ‘hope’; I hope my album can ignite and spark hope for all my listeners,” he hoped. 

Stevan mentioned great music producers involved in his album, including Iwan Simanjuntak, Ivan Dewanto, Dimas Wibisana and Dennis Nussy. “I was definitely involved in the album making and song creation,” he added. 

He mentioned how the album release was a bit more challenging than he imagined. “There were a lot of challenges in releasing this album; we must mind the time, careful selection of tones and lyrics for the listeners, and many more,” he said. His musicality in the new album was inspired by a blend of ballads, gospel, disco, and R&B. 

“I really want this album to represent your hearts’ feelings, taking a sincere emotional journey. The message is to never stop hoping because you would be dead inside without any hope,” he added. This album also reflects Stevan’s personal journey. “Yes, this album reflects my love journey and its ups and downs,” he continued. 

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“The ‘Ku Tak Mampu Lagi’ song is about a toxic relationship that I can no longer endure, so I gave up. I chose this song as the album’s opening song, because it represents the most painful love experience I’ve had, and I feel that the sincere pain will surely reach the hearts of the listeners,” said Stevan. 

“The video making was very exciting, especially when I had to do the shooting from morning to morning again. It involves many visual effects and the experts behind it, including Musica Studios, the Upie Guava team, and all the friends who helped. Thank you for all the unwavering support, making it easier for me to release this album,” Stevan concluded. (des/ ast)


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