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Safe and Comfortable Vacation: Tips for an Enjoyable Experience


Jakarta, IO – Wishing you a joyous holiday season! Here comes the holidays, so let’s get ready for a relaxing time towards the year’s end. 

After your tight daily hustle and bustle, now is the perfect time for you to recharge and rejuvenate for a fresh start in 2024. Make sure your holiday plans come true, by preparing from scratch! Choose your destination, plan your itinerary and most importantly, set up the necessary budget. Your financial buddy, blu by BCA Digital, is here to provide some tips to make your vacation more comfortable, safe, and fun. Check out these tips below. 

Securing a budget and spending your holiday comfortably 

There are a plethora of things to prepare, one of which is the holiday budget. The first thing you need to do to set your holiday budget is to list down what you wish to do during the holiday and save your budget for later. You won’t need to worry about your holiday season any longer! 

Unlock a world of stress-free holiday planning with blu by BCA Digital! The bluSavings feature allows you to create savings categories tailored to your every need, especially for your dream getaway. You can track your savings percentage in real-time, giving you the power to see if your vacation budget is on target. 

Choosing the right accommodation and transportation 

Accommodation and transportation costs soar during this festive period. Beat the price hike by planning your holiday ahead. Book your accommodation and transportation in advance to secure availability and enjoy more budget-friendly deals. 

Here’s a fun and thrifty tip for an awesome holiday! Try the bluVirtual Card feature from blu by BCA Digital, offering fantastic promos for affordable accommodations. You can experience a delightful vacation without worrying about your budget. The bluVirtual Card allows you to enjoy discounts of up to IDR 150,000 on flights and hotel bookings at For your accommodation needs, get an extra 10% discount on hotel reservations at Agoda, plus up to 10% cash-back on It sounds like the perfect deal, doesn’t it? 

Preparing simple payment 

Exploring both local and international destinations with your loved ones becomes the most popular choice to plan a holiday. However, especially when heading abroad, many are still puzzled about the payment system in other countries, whether to use a debit card or a credit card. Can you use your regular debit card, or do you need to get a new one? blu will unlock your holiday adventures with a bluDebit Card! 

Following the bluVirtual Card, BCA is introducing the bluDebit Card, the debit card from blu, designed to fulfill your transaction needs. For those planning an international holiday, you no longer need to deal with the hassle of payment methods. bluDebit Card is integrated with MasterCard, allowing you to make transactions with up to 90 million merchants both locally and abroad. The same goes for when you need cash during your travels, as you can withdraw cash from various ATMs connected to the MasterCard network worldwide with your very own bluDebit Card. You don’t need to worry when your phone battery is low, as bluDebit Card is incredibly helpful during holidays. You can still make transactions comfortably using bluDebit Card. No worries! 

Even if your card goes missing, you can simply block the card to prevent other people from using your bluDebit Card through the blu application on your phone. bluDebit Card lets you go on vacation, worry-free! 

Peaceful vacation with maximum protection 

Even during the holidays, you still need to stay protected, as the weather changes and the number of cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia is rising. 

To prevent that and maximize your safety, you should stay compliant with the health protocols. Always wear your mask in public spaces, regularly wash your hands with soap and running water, maintain distance from other people and avoid crowds. Try choosing less popular travel destinations to avoid being in the crowd. Apart from getting sick, the irritating traffic congestion at tourist sites often gets you stressed out! 

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Duardi Prihandiko, SVP and Head of Marketing Communications at BCA Digital, stated, “The year-end is the holiday season when everyone has their own plans and ways to enjoy the year-end vacation. Some may have planned to travel abroad, while others choose to spend time at home with family. With our outstanding features, blu by BCA Digital is the perfect financial buddy for all sobatblu wherever and whenever you are, including when planning year-end holidays. blu will help create your dream vacation safely, comfortably, and hassle-free.” 

Let’s make your dream vacation come true by planning your finances wisely with blu by BCA Digital! (des)


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