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Primary School in Sidoarjo implements napping and eliminates homework


Jakarta, IO – Muhammadiyah IV Elementary School in Sidoarjo, East Java implements unique session where students are allowed to nap at school for one hour and no homework.

This aims to optimize student concentration and improve learning ability in the school that implements a full day system, per DAAI TV, Fri (1/12).

However, this only applies to first grade students starting the 2023/24 academic year. The teachers assessed that it succeeded in making the students happy and more enthusiastic again when studying until the afternoon.

Dhisty Azlia Firnady, M.Psi, child and family psychologist at Ruang Mekar Azlia said that this has a multitude of benefits, per Kumparan.

First, napping support optimal learning processes because the brain will have maximum capacity to absorb information. Additionally, the brain also needs rest time so that concentration, comprehension and memory can be maximized.

Second, it can restore the mood, making it more positive after waking up. “The learning process becomes more comfortable,” said Dhisty.

Apart from that, taking a nap can also help restore energy and relieve fatigue. Napping is also good for maintaining physical health.

So, how long is the ideal nap time for children?
Dhisty revealed that each child’s sleep needs are different. The need for naps also depends on the physical condition and age stage of each child.

“The older the child gets, the less the total duration of sleep. Ages 6-12 years need a total of around 10 hours of sleep per day,” said Dhisty.

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Meanwhile, school-aged children’s need for naps is not mandatory because school-aged children’s sleepiness levels are relatively low.

“However, when taking a nap, generally the nap duration for children aged 6 years and over is approximately 10-30 minutes,” added Dhsity. (rr)


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