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Prepare so the holidays can be a great fun


Jakarta, IO – With the circulation of this, the 297th edition of Independent Observer, we are all facing the last week of 2023. The final week of the year is customarily a school holiday, coinciding with Christmas and New Year 2024. Generally, families in Indonesia plan holiday trips outside the city to visit relatives, where possible, bucking a gigantic traffic flow. 

dr. Nida Rohmawati, MPH
dr. Nida Rohmawati, MPH. (Source: MINISTRY OF HEALTH)

The problem is that the 2023 Christmas and New Year holidays will likely be followed by a spike in Covid-19 cases. “After being declared to be living side by side with, and in an endemic condition, of course, we hope that Covid-19 cases will not rise. Therefore, it is very important to check your health before going on vacation. Apart from that, get enough sleep before going on holiday, so your body’s immune system is in tune,” said dr. Nida Rohmawati, MPH, in Kemencast #56 “Take Care of Your Health So that the Christmas and New Year Holidays Remain Exciting” which was held Monday (18/12/2023) evening.

To defend ourselves against Covid-19, the Ministry of Health urges the public to get their booster shots. “The goal is to have protection, so that we are not easily exposed. One more, it’s best to wear a mask in areas with lots of people,” said the Director of Health for Productive Age and the Elderly, Ministry of Health. 

Outdoor Destinations 

Then dr. Nida suggests every family arm themselves with vitamins and medicines, such as anti-fever, anti-emetics, anti-allergies, plasters for wounds, bandages, etc. “Also bring iodine, eye drops, sunblock. For asthma sufferers, if you forget to bring your medicine along with you, as first aid, drink warm strong tea, which contains theophylline and can clear the airways. While sitting upright, inhale and exhale deeply and slowly,” she stated. 

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During the holidays, tourist destinations with open spaces are the best choice; for example, natural attractions such as beaches, botanical gardens or campsites. This option is safer than going to tourist destinations with enclosed spaces, because during holidays they are usually full of visitors. For those who travel by road or by car, it is recommended to take a break every two hours and get out of the vehicle to stretch. 

“If the journey takes eight hours, that means four stops. Don’t forget to drink enough water. If you want to urinate, choose a place that is not crowded with visitors, such as a gas station or mosque. To avoid diarrhea, bringing food cooked at home is often the best choice,” she added. (est)


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