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Policewoman from East Java named the best graduate in Turkish Police Academy


Jakarta, IO – Brigadier Tiara Nissa Zulbida, a policewoman from East Java Regional Police Department won fifth place as the best graduate of the Capacity Building program ‘The First Level Police Chief Training and The Non Thesis Master Degree’ at the Turkish Police Academy, Wednesday (26/7).

The program was completed by Tiara in 1.5 years. The training was attended by 87 international students, including three from Indonesia, per, Saturday (29/7).

Other than Tiara, the other participants from Indonesia were Ipda Regina Setiawan from the Riau Islands Police and Bripka Hilman Lasmana from the West Java Regional Police.

Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey, Muhamad Iqbal, said Tiara was the only best female foreign participant at the training. For her achievement, Tiara had the honor to give a speech in Turkish in front of President Erdogan and all the guests.

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She also had the opportunity to shake hands with Erdogan at which the Turkish President sent his regards to President Joko Widodo. Iqbal said this also marked the close relationship between Indonesia and Turkey.

“Indonesia has a special place in the hearts of Turkish leaders and people, just as the leaders and people of Turkey also have a special place in the hearts of Indonesians,” said Iqbal. (un)


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