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Police confirm MUI shooter not part of terrorist network


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Jakarta, IO – The police have confirmed that the identity of the shooter at the Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI) head office in Central Jakarta, Tuesday (2/5). Identified as M, 60, he was not part of terrorist network.

Jakarta Metropolitan General Crime Investigation Bureau (Reskrimum) director Hengki Haryadi revealed that the information was obtained based on investigation by the National Police Anti Terror Squad (Densus 88). Based on his ID card (KTP) found at the scene, M is a Lampung resident, reported Kompas, Wednesday (3/5).

In addition, Hengki said the perpetrators was not influenced by extreme/radical religious ideology. Nevertheless, Hengki revealed that M was an ex-convict in vandalism case in Lampung seven years ago.

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“In 2016 the person concerned was convicted of vandalism and sentenced to three months in jail,” said Hengki.

M carried out the shooting at around 11.24 am WIB. He fainted when captured. He was finally declared dead when taken to community health center (puskesmas). (un)


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