Menara Peninsula after-work party – the best way to welcome the weekend


Jakarta, IO – “Thank God it’s Friday!” Many workers across the globe welcome Friday, as it’s the start of the weekend and they can rest and have fun after working hard all week. 

The Menara Peninsula Hotel “After Work” is a good option if you want to release your exhaustion on a weekend. Held every Friday at the Hotel’s Alfresco restaurant, it offers cheer and excitement that you can enjoy with your family and friends: singing and dancing at the poolside along with the restaurant’s live music band, while enjoying Alfresco’s signature traditional pizza. 

This pizza is made using the best, freshest ingredients that match the original Italian standards, and it is also grilled using the traditional brick kiln. The extra hot flame and the wood smoke impart a characteristic rustic taste that no modern oven can replicate. 

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Menara Peninsula is an excellent choice that offers the perfect combination of friendly and professional service with the facilities of a leading four-star business hotel. The hotel features 387 special and exquisitely furnished guest rooms and 20 meeting and function rooms. It also has the best dining and entertainment options suitable for any social gathering or private celebrations. 

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your seat at Alfresco Menara Peninsula for a homely, robust After Work Party! (des/ast)