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Kidney transplant for better quality of life


Jakarta, IO – The prevalence of chronic kidney failure in Indonesia among adults is 10%, a steep increase from the 0.2% reported in 2013 and 0.38% in 2018. Prof. Dr. dr. Endang Susalit, Sp.PDKGH, FINASIM, gastroenterology and hepatology specialist and Head of Siloam Asri Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Team, reported that chronic kidney disease that treatments and low- protein diets cannot mitigate will develop into kidney failure. This will be a great drop in the patient’s quality of life, as they must undergo hemodialysis regularly all their lives. 

“Unlike hemodialysis, which only mitigates the problem partially, a kidney transplant is the ideal kidney failure therapy that mitigates problems caused by degraded kidney function. Our data shows that diabetes mellitus patients in the same age group will have a life expectancy of 8 years if they undergo hemodialysis, 25 if they undergo a kidney transplant,” dr. Endang declared in a media meet held last Thursday (12/01/2023). 

Basically, a kidney transplant is the moving of a healthy kidney from the donor’s body into a chronic kidney failure patient’s body. Even though the preparation is much more complicated than hemodialysis as it involves a patient (recipient) and a donor, a kidney transplant is effective in improving the patient’s quality of life and in saving medical costs in the long term. 


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