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Kemlu confirms Nicholas Simbolon, victim of shooting in US, is not Indonesian citizen


Jakarta, IO – He is in fact a US citizen, said Foreign Ministry (Kemlu) spokesperson Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, per Detikcom, Mon (4/12).

Jerrid Joseph Powell, 33, the serial killer that shot dead four people within a week has been arrested by the police. His victims were three homeless people and Nicholas Simbolon himself.

The shooting occurred in a number of different locations. Powell shot three homeless people sleeping alone on a sidewalk and alley in Los Angeles. Then he carried out a robbery at Nicholas Simbolon’s house on Tuesday (28/11). 

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Powell allegedly followed the 42-year-old victim from a charging station in West Covina to the victim’s home in San Dimas. He died after suffering severe injuries. Nicholas is known to have two children who work at the Los Angeles County Office as project managers in the IT department. (un)


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