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Jokowi chooses his Ministers: 45% From Political Parties, 55% Professionals


IO, Jakarta – This week names of cabinet minister candidates are circulating in social media and WA Groups. To end the unsubstantiated news, President Joko Widodo said that the drafting of personnel for his Working Cabinet was final. Jokowi said that the positions were filled by 45 percent of persons chosen from political party cadres and 55 percent from professionals.

Jokowi did not mention the names of ministers he had chosen. “A good minister, who can do their job,” he said at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (08/14/2018).

Jokowi said that the composition of personnel from political parties would be consulted with the political parties up to a total of 45%, while the other 55% come from Jokowi-Ma’ruf. However, he guarantees that almost all of his supporting political parties will be able to get a ministerial position in his second Cabinet. “Some from PDIP, some from PKB, some from Golkar, and some from others,” said the former Governor of DKI Jakarta.

He divulged that there would be candidates for ministers under the age of 35, some even under 30 years of age. “They come from professional circles, not political parties. They have strong managerial experience,” he said. Jokowi did not dismiss or affirm if the young ministerial candidate came from the unicorn business, the online transportation company which was mentioned by name. “But I am considering his managerial ability. He is very confident in some respect, but has a weak managerial point too,” he said.

According to him, this young minister will sit in one of the current ministries, not the new one. “So it takes a strong managerial talent,” he said. Apart from professionals, Jokowi also considers young people from political parties. “There should be young people from the parties,” Jokowi said.

Previously political parties supporting Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin had submitted the names of their cadres who deserved to be considered ministers. PDI-P as the winner of the 2019 election had asked for the most seats and Jokowi had guaranteed it.

A chairperson in the Democratic Party (PDI-P), Jansen Sitindaon said, the Democrats were reluctant to talk about the number of ministers who were being discussed by political parties, especially by those who supported Jokowi during the 2019 Presidential Election. “The Democrats, Pak SBY’s task is to reduce the (political) tension in the post-election period, to make Indonesia calm, harmonious; has been carried out,” said Jansen. (Dan)


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