Gerindra dismisses radical organizations as stowaways

Sufmi Dasco Ahmad. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – Last week the mass media were again having a piece of viral news with the issue of stowaways in the Gerindra party. According to Deputy Chairperson of the Gerindra Party Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, the stowaway was biting his fingers when Prabowo Subianto reconciled with President Joko Widodo on the MRT last mid-July. “The two figures met at the MRT. After the MRT meet up it was conveyed that the government wants us to build a strong nation and state together with all,” he said in a discussion on the Cyrus Network Legislative Election Evaluation and Presidential Elections in the Downing Room, Ashley Hotel, Wahid Hasyim Street, Central Jakarta.

According to him, Gerindra will not negotiate with radical-oriented organizations, let alone those who want to replace Pancasila. Even the Party supports if such an organization is dissolved. “Whoever it is who promotes radicalism and disrupts Pancasila, Gerindra and I firmly support to be dissolved and treated with strict laws,” concluded Dasco.

Many suspect that Gerindra was infiltrated by a disbanded organization, Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) as an “illegal passenger” involved in winning Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno at the last 2019 Presidential Election. “First of all, HTI was never involved in supporting Prabowo and Bang Sandi,” he stressed.

Even so, Andre did not deny that some might want to infiltrate as stowaways, even the uninvited passenger who had asked Prabowo to allow and encourage the clerics and women to clash in demonstrations during the General Election Results Dispute (PHPU) session) in front of the Constitutional Court Building some time ago. “It is clear that the uninvited passenger was he who came to Prabowo to allow and encourage the ulemas and women to be victims of clashes with the authorities,” he said.

However, Prabowo’s passenger whispering was countered by Prabowo himself. Prabowo did not want to accept the evil ideas of the stowaway that could endanger the people. “Prabowo did not agree with that, Prabowo refused to accept the ideas because Prabowo was a patriot,” he stressed.

Even though Andre did not reveal more clearly, he argued that law enforcement officers certainly knew who the “stowaway” he meant. “Yes, that is the realm of law enforcement. The officials must have known,” he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament from the Gerindra Faction, Fadli Zon did not dismiss the possibility of the mindset between supporters and volunteers being sometimes different from the decision taken by Prabowo. However, the Deputy Speaker of the House is very confident that Prabowo always appreciates the opinions of his supporters because he had jointly fought with them in the last election. “We still lead peacefully and constitutionally, but we also respect the struggle of all volunteers from all groups; the women, they were to fight for fair elections. And finally, they are also cooling down,” said Fadli. (dan)