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Jewish Activists hold sit-in protest at Statue of Liberty Demanding Israel Stop Attacking Palestinians


Jakarta, IO – Jewish activists in the United States held a peaceful demonstration by occupying the Statue of Liberty in New York, Monday (6/11). They demanded a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war and urged Israel to stop bombing the civilians in Gaza.

Hundreds of activists wore black T-shirts bearing the slogan “Jews demand a ceasefire now” and “Not in our name”, per Kompas, Tuesday (7/11).

The protesters also unfurled banners reading “The whole world is watching” and “Palestine must be free” on the grounds of the iconic monument.

Jay Saper of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the event organizer, said New York is home to about two million Jews and hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

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According to him, so far both communities have avoided violence related to the conflict, although tensions are clearly visible in some places such as university campuses. However, opinions are divided in the respective community.

They also criticized President Joe Biden’s military and diplomatic support for Israel. The military aid is seen as the culprit in the month-long bombing of the Palestinian territories since Hamas surprise attack on October 7.
So far, the casualties have climbed to tens of thousands of people, mostly civilians. (un)


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