Iwan Fals

Iwan Fals. (Aqlam Iqbal)

Re-releasing “Mata Dewa” in vinyl

IO – Renowned Indonesian singer Iwan Fals has rereleased his album “Mata Dewa” in vinyl to coincide with National Music Day, Tuesday 9 March.

“Hopefully this will be good news for our music world and this pandemic will soon pass,” said Iwan in a media gathering for the virtual launch of “Mata Dewa” on Tuesday.

“Mata Dewa” is Iwan’s album which was released 32 years ago. “We are indeed trying to produce a vinyl album to encourage vinyl collectors. Maybe some people are not yet collectors who will start to collect vinyl because of this album,” said Executive Producer of Musica Studios, Indrawati Wijaya.

The vinyl “Mata Dewa” contains ten songs of Iwan Fals, namely “Mata Dewa, PHK, Nona, Air Mata Api, Bakar, Puing, Berkacalah Jakarta, Yang Terlupakan, Perempuan Malam and Pinggiran Kota Besar”.

“Mata Dewa” is Iwan Fals’ third album in a vinyl format to be rereleased by Musica recently. Iwan’s previous vinyl albums were “Sarjana Muda” and “1910”.

The album “Mata Dewa” was originally made by Iwan in 1989 after he was banned from performing 100 city concerts by the government of the New Order regime at that time. “What can not be forgotten from the “Mata Dewa” album is that the 100 city tour that was canceled ha-ha-ha. We have been training very hard for it, though,” said Iwan.

“From the album ‘Mata Dewa’, I was even more convinced that I was closer to choosing music as a way of life,” he continued.

He considers “Mata Dewa” as a turning point in his musical career so that he could go on in the Indonesian music industry, even though he had previously enjoyed success with the album “Sarjana”, with one of his hits being the song Oemar Bakri.

“The tour that was canceled involved many. Hundreds of people got ready for it when it was canceled. The music world is that serious, huh?”

Born as Virgiawan Listanto, September 3, 1961. Iwan started his career at the age of 18 by forming a band called Amburadul with four of his friends. He had released the album “Travel” in 1979 but it was not successful. This group finally disbanded and played little role in Iwan’s subsequent career.

At the beginning of his career, Iwan Fals also recorded several comedy albums, after winning a country comedy singing competition. He sang situation and comic themes, and his first release was in ‘”Canda Dalam Nada”.

Iwan’s career took off in 1981 when he signed a contract with Musica and spawned the album “Sarjana Muda”. The album features Iwan Fals’ signature country music style, with the protest song “Guru Oemar Bakrie”, which tells the story of how a teacher is underpaid but still responsible for educating high-income and successful people in the future. “Guru Oemar Bakrie” became very well known and popular in Indonesia and helped solidify Iwan’s name. (rp)