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Indonesia to have the first hydrogen fueling station tomorrow


Jakarta, IO – The first hydrogen fueling station in Indonesia will be inaugurated tomorrow, Wednesday (21/2). Located in Senayan, Jakarta, it is owned and operated by state-run power company PT PLN subholding PLN Indonesia Power.

PLN president director Darmawan Prasodjo said the facility is a continuation of the utilization of green hydrogen production from 21 green hydrogen plants which have been operating since November 2023, per CNNIndonesia, Tue (20/2).

This measure is also part of the efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector. “This is proof that we walk the talk, that we are realizing commitment in concrete manner. Not just electric vehicle charging infrastructure,” said Darmawan.

It will also provide hydrogen-based electric vehicle chargers, similar to the public electric vehicle charging stations (SPKLU). The fueling station is ready to serve all types of hydrogen-based vehicles, including private vehicles, public transportation and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Based on PLN calculations, green hydrogren fuel is very competitive compared to fossil fuels. Darmawan explained that per kilometer, a petrol-fueled car costs about Rp1,400, electric cars cost about Rp370 while hydrogen-fueled cars cost only Rp350.

Thus, if its use become more widespread, Indonesia will not only able to reduce its emissions, but also switch to environmentally friendly energy at more affordable prices. “Even zero emissions, and of course at a much cheaper price,” added Darmawan. (un)


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