Galeri 24 premieres gold ingots with Indonesian Batik motifs


Jakarta, IO – The Galeri 24 is launching its line of gold bars with a crest of Indonesian batik motifs, exclusively packaged in a box shaped like a book. The four Galeri 24k batik-themed gold bars will have added value, signifying their appeal for gold investment and collections. The four batik motifs stamped in the gold ingots are Batik Kawung, Sulur Anggrek, Mega Mendung and Pring Sedapur. 

Utik Rahayu, Head of Production and Marketing Division at PT Pegadaian Galeri 24, detailed how the “Batik Book” is available in two weights: 2.2 gram and 4.2 gram gold bars. 

“Indonesia is a rich country, with its diverse cultures, one of which is batik, the nation’s cultural heritage that we must preserve in various shapes and forms, in this case a crest on gold bars. Thus, Galeri 24 presents these ingots with Indonesian Batik motifs, exclusively packaged in the form of a book,” said Utik Rahayu in Jakarta on Monday, February 19, 2024. 

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The batik-motif gold bar series is a brilliant innovation, aimed at strengthening the company’s gold market. “Galeri 24 is committed to appealing to the public’s love for batik, by impressing it in the form of gold ingots,” she explained. Galeri 24 began to market the product in October 2023, which is also the national batik month, and it will be available for sale beginning at the end of February 2024, to celebrate national batik month. (nhn)