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Toko Merah: Jakarta Old Town’s colonial heritage

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Jakarta, IO – Toko Merah stands out tall and majestic among the old heritage buildings in the Kota Tua (Jakarta Old Town area) tourist destination area. Built from red brick, Toko Merah is situated on the west side of the main canal of Kali Besar. 

Built in 1730, Toko Merah is a Dutch colonial landmark and one of the oldest buildings in Jakarta. Since it was built during the VOC era, Toko Merah has undergone multiple changes in function and ownership, among them witnessing various historical events. Toko Merah has been designated a cultural heritage building, with a part of its space being utilized by a cafe, Rode Winkel. 

Walking into the cafe area, visitors will experience a luxurious colonial atmosphere with large and tall doors, golden-colored paint, and extravagant carpet on the stairs. The building’s interior radiates a distinctly European ambiance, as the building was originally constructed by VOC dignitary Gutaff Willem Baron van Imhoff. 

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The cafe area also exudes charming and vibrant interiors, where marble tables and wooden chairs add a vintage touch to the place. Some parts of the building are left quite natural, with some walls showing signs of wear and tear. 

Visitors can enjoy Indonesian dishes and drinks, including fried rice, Rica-rica chicken (chicken seasoned with chili and spices), coffee, tea, and ice blends. Numerous visitors are seen snapping photos on the staircase, with a large window and classic hanging lamps as the backdrop. 

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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