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Spotting Indonesia’s potential, HiFuture seeks to lead the audio technology market


Jakarta, IO – As a new technology and gadget accessories brand, HiFuture has expanded to 60 countries worldwide this year. This China-based brand has grown into a supplier of high-quality audio products, such as wireless earbuds, headphones, advanced noise cancellation, superior sound quality and intuitive user interfaces, making its products more competitive in the global market. 

Co-Founder and CPO of HiFuture Group, Jova Cho, stated that the company would focus more on developing AI-based technology for noise cancellation, long-lasting batteries, and immersive audio. HiFuture presents techno features that easily adapt to the user’s environment, for maximum user experience. 

“We prioritize sound quality in our products. That’s why we always run various testing on prototypes before releasing them to the market. We ensure that we sell sharp, clear, and immersive sound technology globally. We collaborate with technicians and audio experts to constantly improve HiFuture products, ensuring that everything meets our standards,” he stated, in Jakarta, November 1, 2023. 

HiFuture leads in its connectivity technology, by using the latest Bluetooth version and its high-tech applications featured on HiFuture’s smartwatch products, allowing users to personalize features on their smartwatches. 

“In addition to sound, design is an essential aspect. We believe that high technology should be functional and visually appealing. Our products feature premium materials in sleek and ergonomic designs, to create a truly luxurious ambiance,” convinced Jova. 

Saunak Banerjee, HiFuture’s Vice President of Brand Marketing, stated that HiFuture continues to collaborate with global partners to distribute their high-quality products. The next step in market development is to enter new markets, particularly Indonesia. 

“Indonesia and Asia are huge markets for us, and we’re excited to bring new innovations to this market. This region has different consumer behavior, unlike that of other regions, such as America, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. We are presenting high-quality products, and we are confident we can compete successfully in the Indonesian market. we believe we will lead the market in Indonesia in the future,” declared Saunak. 

HiFuture was founded in 2016, aiming to deliver high-quality audio products to enliven people’s daily lives. 

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“We realize the increasing demand for innovative audio solutions is integrated with modern lifestyles, which drove us to embark on this sound technology seven years ago,” Saunak continued. 

HiFuture offers a variety of product lines, including wireless speakers, headphones, TWS (True Wireless Stereo), smartwatches, and future rings. The wireless speaker products include Ripple, Gravity, Event, and Altus. As for headphones, the audiophile has a choice of FutureTour, FutureTour Pro, FutureMate, and FutureMate Pro. For the TWS category, Fusion, Yacht, SonicBliss, Flybuds 3, and Colorbuds 2 are ready for your convenience. HiFuture offers Ultra 2, Ultra 2 Pro, FutureFit Zone 2, Future Go Mix 2, Aura, Future Go Pro, Apex, and Altair smartwatches.


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