Sheikh Ali Jaber, The peaceful and forgiving cleric has passed away

Sheikh Ali Jaber. (Photo: Private. Doc)

IO – One great scholar has left us. Syekh Ali Jaber died Thursday, January 14 at Yarsi Hospital, Rawamangun Jakarta. He was interred at the Darul Qur’an Pesantren Tangerang, Banten, owned by Ustad Yusuf Mansyur.

“Bismillah, we will check the grave preparation. This is all according to the health protocol. It’s done with the process,” said Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, quoted from Instagram. 

Previously, Ali Jaber was indeed exposed to Covid-19, but when he died he was declared negative from Covid-19. “The death of our teacher, Sheikh Ali Jaber (Ali Saleh Mohammed Ali Jaber) at Yarsi Hospital today, January 14, 2021, at 08.30 WIB in a state of negative Covid-19,” said the statement of the Sheikh Ali Jaber foundation. 

“What is clear, he died not because of Covid-19. There were complications of the heart, complications of the lungs, kidneys, that’s true,” said his father-in-law, Arief Rahman, as quoted by detikcom. 

Ali Jaber is known as a preacher with a language that is peaceful and soothing. 

On September 13 of last year, Jaber was stabbed by an unknown person while giving an Al-Quran recitation at the Falahudin Mosque’s Tahfidz (Al-Quran memorization) graduation ceremony in Lampung.

 Although he managed to deflect the stab, Sheikh Ali Jaber sustained a wound to his right shoulder. The assailant, with the initials AA was seized and beaten by the mob. Sheikh Ali Jaber felt sorry for the man and ordered the crowd to stop beating him. 

“I felt sorry for him. I said, ‘That’s enough, that’s enough, hand him over to the police,” said Ali Jaber at that time. In the trial, AA apologized to Ali Jaber. “To Sheikh Ali Jaber, I apologize for what I did,” said AA haltingly. 

Ali Jaber, who attended the trial online, gave his response. Without anger, Sheikh Ali Jaber was worried about AA. He asked the perpetrator to take care of himself. “Are you okay there? Stay in shape,” said Ali Jaber. He confirmed that he had forgiven AA.

 “From the first day since the incident, I have forgiven you,” said Ali Jaber. The cleric even gave a message to AA. “Brother AA, improve your prayers and improve your relationship with Allah. God willing, your life will be better and happier,” said Ali Jaber. 

Now the peaceful and forgiving scholar has left us, leaving his knowledge and practice. May heaven be a reward. (rp)