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Jokowi: Prisons overcapacity as 3.6 million involved in drugs


Jakarta, IO – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said the large number of people involved in drug abuse (3.6 million people, according to the National Narcotics Agency/BNN record) has resulted in overcapacity in correctional facilities (prisons).

Jokowi also highlighted the handling of drug abuse cases. He directed relevant parties to make breakthroughs to resolve the drug problem.

In addition, he also asked for a stricter law enforcement process to create a deterrent effect.

Jokowi said that there were still many law enforcement officers involved in drugs.
“This should be noted and firm action must be taken,” he said.

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On the rehabilitation process for drug users, he mentioned the proposal for drug rehabilitation to be carried out in regional military commands (Kodam) to relieve the overcapacity in prisons.

“They (Kodam) have a capacity of approximately 300-500 so (drug users) can be rehabilitated there. But we will need to discuss the budget later,” he said. (un)


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