Fitriagustin Tjandra : Helping others, healing the world


Fitriagustin “Ing” Tjandra suffered from backaches for years. She tried everything to get rid of the pain: “I went to ever so many doctors and therapists. I took so many drugs and supplements that if everything was collected I could open my own shop, but nothing worked,” she said in her interview with the Independent Observer. “Everything changed when I was treated using traditional Chinese medicine: all those years of pain, gone in a matter of days.”

Based on her experience, Ing decided to learn the science herself and help others with it. She decided to learn healing methods such as Blocked Qi Release, Geo Love Healing, Psychic Reading and Channeling, Duality, Matrix Mind Power, Crystal Healing, and Akashic Records Healing from global experts including Master C. K. (Malaysia); Jeffry  Allen, Oliver Nino, Christina Eagle, and Dr Karen Kan (United States). “There was a special problem involved when I was learning from these American experts: time difference. Did you know that when it is only 16.00 p.m. there, it is 04.00 a.m. here in Indonesia? Everything must be done online, especially during this pandemic,” she said. “I am quite proud of the fact that I am one of the few Indonesians who studied Geo Love Healing together with people from 54 other countries in the world. Furthermore, I am the only Indonesian who passed the Level 2 and Level 3Geo Love Healing training and certification. That’s rare, you know.”

Ing notes that the deeper she goes in healing studies, the more sensitive she is to energies around her. This helps her to understand energy ‒ her own and others ‒ and makes it easier for her to heal others, which is her purpose for learning healing methods in the first place. Everyone has the ability to self-heal when sick or injured, and if trained, people can tweak this natural ability. Other than the usual medical healing, self-healing and other alternative methods can be used to harmonize the energies of the body, mind and soul. This can help with prolonged illnesses and traumas, whether they originate in the womb, after birth, or are unfortunately inherited from one’s ancestors.

“This release and harmonization of the flow of physical and spiritual energies is the basis of traditional China healing, Blocked Qi Release. It can help with chronic or prolonged illness such as migraine. One of my friends suffered from it for years, she was even hospitalized. But she is now fine and has had no relapses after several energy healing sessions. Harmonizing physical and spiritual energy means that we become calmer. We can accept that we have an illness and we can seek better solutions for a happy, healthy, productive live that does not depend overly on medications.”  Ing went on: “Another one of my unforgettable experiences is when I healed my nephew’s trauma of balloons. It was caused by a burst balloon during his first birthday celebration, and he is now 10. After I performed Blocked Qi Release on him several times, he can hold balloons and play with them without fear anymore. Before, he cried in fear just from seeing one from afar. That 7-year-plus trauma is gone now.”

Ing mastered remote healing relatively quickly, within less than two years. She is now even skilled enough to teach others. To her own amazement, she has a talent for healing too: those who learned healing methods from her master the skills relatively quickly thanks to her constant guidance and correct teaching methods. “I have taught some in the art of self-healing and they ended up becoming healers within 2-6 months. Here’s a testimony from my student Nana in Yogyakarta: “I learned self-healing with the guidance and direction of Ing from Healingingtan for 6 months, with a frequency of once a week. My gift was also activated by the learning program. Now I am also a healer who can heal myself and others. Thank you, Ing.” This is the kind of testimony that encourages me to help more and more people,” she sent.

Ing went on to describe more testimonies from healing session participants, both from Indonesia and abroad: “@Iwan Mtq, for example, said: “Thank you, Sister, my chronic flu that I suffered for years are gone after taking the healing session twice. Amazing, I feel so alive. This is God’s Blessing.” Another one, @Anggreni Purworejo, said, “My child suffers from low blood pressure, which in turn caused headaches and stomach aches thanks to acid reflux. I myself suffer from hyperplasia endometrium: during my period, it hurt so bad that even my neck and head hurt. We both participated in the healing session. Initially, I did not concentrate because of the pain. But after the healing session, the pain was much less. My child also slept peacefully, and her blood pressure normalized the next day. Thank you, Coach Ing.” Here’s one from @Kim Kanada: “I can have more energy to do my own healing and my service distance healing here.” Like I said, I am very happy when I read this kind of testimony,” she said smilingly.

Ing now dedicates herself to help and heal many with her knowledge. Furthermore, she never sets the amount paid for her healing services. “My healing is donation-based. I never set any limit because I really want to help. I usually forward the donations to orphanages and schools and stuff. I’ve shared more than 1000 charity packs within the past year,” she said.

Responding to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic (more than two years), Ing felt a calling to provide remote healing services for free. She has been providing Free Distance Healing for 1000 person to release stress, worry, and anxiety since July 2021 outside of her healing coaching class. “My coaching class is meant to help people heal themselves and even become healers. We have a gift activation session in these classes meant to dig out everyone’s gifts that they have from birth. I do this with the experience and learning of the various healing methods and spiritual journey I have with my teachers. If you want to know more, you can DM me at the @ingtan78 Instagram account,”  she said. “My sessions are held every Wednesday night at 21.00 WIB. Please join them by connecting with the Telegram group @healingingtan, linkable through”

As Healingingtan, the healing service with the motto “helping others, healing the world” has so many clients from both Indonesia and abroad, it is slated for a recognition from the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) soon. Ing stated, “I am thinking of going international to help even more people. Because my healing system is energy-based, no matter where we are, no matter what time it is, the energy will still reach those who want to get well. I am collecting healers to help each other help and heal more and more people,” she said.

Let’s just pray for her dreams to come true. Good luck always, Ing! (Des)