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A visit to God Bless’ 50 Year Retrospective Exhibition

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Jakarta, IO – A number of visitors view the collection at the 50 Years anniversary of God Bless rock band retrospective exhibition at Building A of the National Gallery, Jakarta, Tuesday (20/2).

The exhibition, which will be held until March 1, showcases the works and achievements of God Bless during their career in music spanning half a century. Some of the collections in the exhibition include replicas of God Bless clothing articles worn in the 70s, musical instruments, documentation, discography, awards and many others.

A number of collections of old photos of the members that had been published in magazines or the media were also displayed in the exhibition. Apart from that, there are also black and white portraits of God Bless appearing on various music stages. What makes them unique is their iconic style of clothing according to the trends that were popular at that time. In particular, Achmad Albar’s frizzy hair style.

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Not only that, there are also God Bless’ collection of cassettes, CDs and vinyl records throughout their career. This will be a boon for fans because these old releases are hard to find in the onslaught of the digital era.

By holding this exhibition, it is hoped that it will provide an opportunity for fans and music lovers to observe the evolutionary process of half a century of God Bless. Starting from their classic works to their most recent achievements, this exhibition will provide a rare experience of the musical legacy of this oldest rock band in Indonesia.

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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