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The white sandy beaches and orange sky of Gili Trawangan

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Lombok, IO – The Gilis consist of three islands, one of which is the Gili Trawangan of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. White sandy beaches and enchanting tropical coral reefs are only a few of Gili Trawangan Island’s many charms. Not only the beautiful coral reefs, but simply traveling to Gili Trawangan will also entice you with warm, inviting waters with colorful fish, beset with beautiful tropical island scenery. Gili Trawangan also offers you the most gorgeous sunset on the west coast of Gili Trawangan.

The beach constantly welcomes tourists wishing to witness the beauty of the setting sun, with the majestic Mount Agung of Bali as its background. The clear blue sky that slowly turns yellowish ends in an orange sky before dark finally falls. Listening to music or the calming sound of nature while sitting on the clean, white sandy beach is truly the perfect idea for a tropical getaway.

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Not only is Gili Trawangan rich in inviting natural scenery, but it is also renowned for its warm and friendly locals, who are very helpful toward visitors. Tourists will not need to worry about getting lost while wandering around the island, as the locals will inevitably help find a way home.

“Pulau yang indah, bersih pantainya. Gak ada polusi dan polisi (rhyming words for pollution and police in Indonesian),” sang Richard D. Gilis in his “Gili Trawangan” Song.

(IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

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