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Yogyakarta enlists community participation to preserve 25 newest Intangible Cultural Heritage


Jakarta, IO – The Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry (Kemendikbudristek) has added 25 intangible cultural heritage (WBTB) in Yogyakarta.

Head of the Yogyakarta Culture Agency (Disbud) Dian Lhaksmi Pratiwi explained that the special region currently has a total of 180 designated WBTB. She said this number is the most in Indonesia.

Disbud is committed to take necessary measures to preserve the invaluable cultural elements. One way to do this is by combining culture with tourism.

“Not having too many competitions is our priority in Yogyakarta, how to ensure that 180 WBTB are well preserved into the future,” said Dian, per Kompas, Tue (28/5).

Disbud had also prepared an action plan including regulations on how to manage the WBTB. Through this regulation, it invites the public to take part in preserving the heritage.

“We have to develop a sense of community that needs to be strengthened,” she said.

Dian said her agency has coordinated with the tourism awareness group (pokdarwis) to share certified cultural potential.

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“We have a database of almost 200 to 400 works of culture every year, which will increase because they are more than 50 years old. So, we are sharing this with stakeholders in the tourism sector,” explained Dian.

The list is expected to help with decision making on which tourist attractions can combine culture without abandoning philosophical values. The new heritages include Grebek Ngenep ceremony, Gunung Lanang traditional ritual and Labuhan Parangkusumo. (un)


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