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Kumala Academy: hospitality and F&B education center


Jakarta, IO – Kumala Academy proudly announces the official launch of its new educational institution focusing on skills development in the hospitality and food and beverage (F&B) industries. With a vision to become a leading educational center, Kumala Academy is ready to bridge the existing skills gap and deliver a highly-qualified workforce prepared to compete in this dynamic industry.

Kumala Academy was founded with the purpose of providing comprehensive training that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills. The academy provides a range of training programs, from basic to advanced levels, that are tailored to the hotel and food and beverage industries’ current demands.

“The hospitality and F&B industries are rapidly evolving, with increasing demand for skilled and innovative workers,” expressed Yenny Kusuma, co-founder of Kumala Academy. “We are here to provide a solution to this challenge by offering training that meets industry standards and adheres to the latest trends,” she stated.

Kumala Academy offers numerous programs covering various aspects of the hospitality and F&B industries.
● Cooking and Baking Fundamentals: a basic course on the techniques for creating high-quality F&B products from start to finish.
● Skill Developments: advanced training of more complex F&B products.
● Specialization: a specialized program focusing on a specific topic.
● Soft Skills Development: a program for developing essential interpersonal and intrapersonal skills necessary for professional success in the hospitality and F&B industries.

Apart from individual programs, Kumala Academy also offers Corporate Learning Programs specifically designed to train employees of companies in the hospitality and F&B industries.

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Kumala Academy recognizes that skill gaps remain a major challenge in this industry. “Many workers in the dessert and hospitality industries require specialized training to enhance their skills,” said Arimbi Nimpuno, a chef and practitioner who also co-founded Kumala Academy. “Our programs will help participants gain skills, meet industry standards, and prepare them to make significant contributions in their workplaces,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Kumala Academy invites industry practitioners, such as chefs and business owners, to teach classes. This program is expected to add value for potential students who take the existing programs. “Having an interest in the F&B industry is crucial for aspiring successful culinary entrepreneurs. This is one of the most fundamental things that Kumala Academy will ‘transmit.’ From there, we believe we can share knowledge and skills to the fullest extent possible,” concluded Dr. Debryna Dewi, an industry practitioner who also teaches at Kumala Academy. (des)


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