Friday, December 1, 2023 | 22:03 WIB

Gallup: Indonesia is world’s most positive country


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia ranks first in the latest report titled Global Emotions 2023. The report is the result of a survey on the index of positive experiences that can boost self-confidence and increase productivity.

Gallup, a US-based analytics company, conducted a survey of 147,000 adults from 142 countries in 2022. Each respondent received five questions, namely adequacy of rest, feelings of being appreciated, smiling and laughing activities, interest in learning something and feelings experienced during the previous day.

Gallup’s scores range from 0-100 and the magnitude determines their level of personal freedom and social relations. As a result, Indonesia is named as a country where people have more positive emotions in life with a score of 85.

“The percentage of people who felt well rested and experienced joy increased by two points each. And the percentage of people who smiled or laughed and felt treated with respect increased by one point each,” the report said.

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Furthermore, Gallup assesses that the increase in positive human emotions in the past year was greatly attributed to the country’s success in dealing with the pandemic. Respondents on average agreed they felt the global situation had improved and were ready to move on.

Meanwhile, in previous surveys, the top countries with high positive emotion index scores were generally held by countries from the Americas. In fact, no country outside these two regions topped the global rankings in 2022. (bp)


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