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Fostering welfare, Bulog distributes rice

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Jakarta, IO – A number of residents stood in line to receive rice aid from Bulog in Warakas, North Jakarta. Rice is being distributed in response to surging rice prices in the market, making it challenging for residents to afford. A total of 1,000 reserve bags of government rice were distributed to residents of the Warakas sub-district to help the community meet their consumption needs. 

The rice price increase is largely due to a poor rice harvest as a result of the extreme climate changes, leading to crop failures. According to data from Bapanas (National Food Agency), the average price of medium rice is IDR 14,070 per kilogram. In the JaFostering welfare, Bulog distributes rice Residents lining up to receive rice aid Residents carrying rice sacks from the government Officers arranging rice sacks to distribute to residents Residents showing their ID cards, while waiting in line to receive rice aid karta Special Capital Region (DKI Jakarta), the lowest price is IDR 16,000 per kg, while the highest reaches IDR 20,000 per kg for special aromatic Pandan Wangi rice. 

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Meanwhile, premium rice is sold at IDR 18,000 per kg. As of February 17, 2024, Bapanas also noted that within the first phase of rice aid (January 2024), Perum Bulog distributed 193,368 tons, or 87.87 percent of monthly target rice aid of 220,041 tons. 

Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan further explained that the increase in rice prices is the result of farmers being unable to harvest crops, owing to the El Niño weather cycle last year, resulting in decreased rice yields, subsequently triggering a surge in market prices.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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