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Blok M Square Music Market, Haven for Nostalgic Music Lovers

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Jakarta, IO – Blok M Square Music Market remains a magnet for music lovers who want a unique shopping experience or enjoy old collections such as cassette tapes and vinyl records.

Andri (34), a trader who was met on Thursday (22/9) said he has opened his store since 2014. He showed several valuable vinyls he has, including the album of Dewa 19 which was offered at price of Rp1,000,000. He also revealed that several famous musicians have stopped by his shop.

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Blok M Square Music Market pampers music lovers with a wide collection of cassettes and CDs from various music genres, with prices varying between tens of thousands to millions of rupiah, depending on the level of authenticity and rarity of the album.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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