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The majestic Ranu Agung Lake

Lake Ranu Agung
Lake Ranu Agung
Lake Ranu Agung
Lake Ranu Agung
Lake Ranu Agung
Ranu Agung
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Jakarta, IO – Lake Ranu Agung fills a volcanic crater created by Mount Lemongan’s explosive volcanic activity. Located in the village of Ranu Agung, Tiris District, Probolinggo Regency, Lake Ranu Agung arises at an altitude of 525 meters above sea level and covers approximately 133 hectares. 

Ranu Agung is still fresh and in a natural condition, and is surrounded by high cliffs, rocky cliffs stretching 70 meters around Lake Ranu Agung. The lake’s water remains clear as a result of four springs feeding it from around the lake, preventing it from drying up, even during the dry season. 

Ranu Agung offers plenty of entertaining activities, including boat rides around the lake in traditional bamboo boats known as “perahu getek.” Perahu getek is made up of bamboo logs strapped together with a rope, to form a floating, flat platform that can carry up to eight passengers. 

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With a depth of approximately 40 meters, Ranu Agung is home to a population of tilapia fish, which allows visitors to fish in the lake. The Lake Ranu Agung tourism spot is considered the most beautiful lake in East Java.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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