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A glimpse at MH Thamrin Museum’s Collection

MH. Thamrin
MH. Thamrin
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MH. Thamrin
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Jakarta, IO – Visitors took a picture of the collection of musical instruments on display at the MH Thamrin Museum, Jakarta, (7/12). The museum was inaugurated on January 11 l, 1986 and holds various collections depicting the struggle of Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin (better known as MH Thamrin), a national hero who played a key role in the Indonesian independence movement.

In this museum, visitors can see the legacy of MH. Thamrin in the form of reproduction photos of his struggle, historical notes about his political career, replicas of stamps with pictures of the hero, blangkon (traditional Javanese hat) and several dioramas. In addition, tajidor musical instruments, bicycles and the hearse used to carry MH Thamrin’s body to his final resting place are also displayed.

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There are many more interesting things that tourists can find at this museum. For entrance, visitors only need to pay using a JakCard. Admission fees start from Rp2,000 for students, Rp3,000 for university students, and Rp5,000 for adults.

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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