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blu invites Indonesia to cherish joyful moments through McDonald’s special offer


Jakarta, IO – McDonald’s and blu by BCA Digital collaborated on National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) yesterday, October 10, 2023, known as “Shopping Day 10.10”, to meet high consumer demand. The collaboration shows the commitment of blu by BCA Digital to providing the finest customer service through creative and innovative partnerships before the Harbolnas. 

Albert Kurniawan, Head of Growth and Acquisition at BCA Digital, stated that blu by BCA Digital seeks to provide the best experience to blu friends, including its collaboration with McDonald’s. “To anticipate and accommodate the keen interest of blu friends in shopping on 10.10 Shopping Day, we are providing compelling discounts to provide exciting moments with friends, relatives and family. The special promotion will undoubtedly bring joy to blu friends while they enjoy our tasty and friendly McDonald’s, while still getting the best offer and saving money on the big day,” he explained. 

Based on a Snapcart survey, 88 percent of Indonesians are enthusiastically looking forward to promotions and special offers presented on National Shopping Days (Harbolnas). The survey involving 3,542 respondents also found that 57 percent of respondents admitted to having never shopped during the Harbolnas but planned to do so next month. Only 12 percent of respondents admitted that they had never taken advantage of the Harbolnas program due to their limited budget. On average, online shoppers claim to spend around IDR 100,000 to IDR 500,000 during Harbolnas. 

The largest fast-food chain in the world, McDonald’s, and blu BCA Digital have partnered to offer special prices on a variety of menu items at McDonald’s locations across Indonesia, which is provided in a 50 percent cash back for a minimum transaction of IDR 50,000 through the blu application QRIS payment; certain terms and conditions apply. 

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BCA Digital is the next-generation branch-free banking platform that focuses on serving the digitally savvy segment through blu Digital Banking mobile application. blu by BCA Digital was launched in July 2021 to provide customers with simpler financial and non-financial mobile transactions. 

Several features of blu by BCA Digital, including bluSaving, bluDeposit, bluGether, bluInvest, bluInsurance, bluBisnis, and bluVirtual Card, are designed to help users have more control and freedom to manage their finances. Customers can directly download the blu application through the Google Play Store. (des)


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