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Identity of a foreign Tulungagung lecturer with an Indonesian ID revealed after 12 years


Jakarta, IO – MB, 66, an English lecturer at a university in Tulungagung, East Java, with an Indonesian ID card turned out to be a Singaporean citizen.

This was only revealed after 12 years. As a result, Blitar Immigration Department arrested and detained him, per Kompas.

On his ID card and other documents, MB masked his the identity as Y. Meanwhile, his birth certificate states that Y was born in Pacitan, East Java.

Blitar immigration head Arief Yudistira said the disclosure of MB’s citizenship status and identity began when the lecturer was going to obtain documents to travel abroad.

During the questioning, he claimed to be a Singaporean. Upon being informed, the Singaporean Embassy confirmed that he is a Singaporean foreigner.

Based on a birth certificate issued by the relevant authorities in Singapore, MB was born in Kampong Pacitan, Changi, in September 1956.

“So he was born in Pacitan, but not the Pacitan Indonesia,” said Arief.


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