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Pramuka Bird Market, Haven for Bird Lovers

Pasar Burung Pramuka
Pasar Burung Pramuka
Pasar Burung Pramuka
Pasar Burung Pramuka
Pasar Burung Pramuka
Pasar Burung Pramuka
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Jakarta, IO – Prospective buyers observe ornamental birds being sold at the Pramuka Bird Market, Jakarta, Saturday (18/5). The market has been part of Jakarta life since it was founded in the 1970s by former governor Ali Sadikin. With a land area of ​​3,250 square meters, it has become one of the main destinations for bird lovers in the capital. Here one can find many species of ornamental birds.

One of the most popular birds is the lovebird, which is always a favorite among visitors. However, the choice is not limited to ornamental birds. Traders here also offer a variety of paraphernalia such as cages, quality feed, and care tools needed to care for the pet birds.

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Of the total 300 stalls, 270 are occupied. The presence of Pramuka Bird Market is not only a magnet for Jakarta residents, but also those from the surrounding satellite cities. The diversity of the products offered make this place a mdestination for bird lovers everywhere.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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