Renowned Chef Aman Lakhiani Introduces Yakitori Omakase through “Junsei London” Expansion


Jakarta, IO – Marking its debut in the culinary scene of Jakarta’s Senopati area, Junsei Yakitori and Bar from London is one of Jakarta’s few Japanese restaurants focused around yakitori – the practice of grilling food, ordinarily chicken, using skewers over a charcoal fire. After pre-opening pop-up collaborations at Privy Dharmawangsa and Brookland Coffee, Junsei is set to open in June 2024.

This intimate and elegant izakaya is inspired by the elegant art of origami, symbolizing hope and healing. Staying true to its name, which means “pure” in Japanese, Junsei brings an authentic taste of Japan to Indonesia.

With a commitment to zero-waste cooking, Junsei utilizes various parts of the chicken, including rare cuts like gizzard, neck, artery, and chicken comb (“jengger ayam”). Daily menu includes up to 16 chicken skewers, alternating with another eight rare parts of chicken as daily specials, sourced from free-range prebiotic chicken and dry-aged chicken. A 60-year-old tare sauce for marination and glazing is used in Junsei London and Jakarta.


Veggie skewers, donabe (rice) bowls and seasonal Japanese hot plates are also on the offer, with a carafe of sake or cocktails as recommended pairings.

Growing up in a restaurateur family in Jakarta, Chef-Co Founder Aman Lakhiani debuted Junsei after studying culinary entrepreneurship at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, where he met Zach Farr, with whom he later co-founded Junsei. Aman’s experiences included the Michelin-starred Dos Palillos (a Japanese restaurant by Albert Raurich, former Head Chef of El Bulli), Restaurant Locavore, Namaaz Dining, and Akira Back Jakarta. The vibrant Tokyo is where he was awakened to Japanese cuisine and further earned a sushi chef certification from the Tsukiji Sushi Academy.

Pre-opening menu:

  • Chicken Skin Chips with Home-made Togarashi and Sea Salt
  • Rofu Tomato Skewer (osmotized tomato, tofu, shiso)
  • Managatsuo (smoked tuna, nikiri shoyu)
  • Eryingi Mushroom with Grated Radish and Lemon
  • Grilled Prawn with yuzu kosho and green oil
  • Tebagyoza (chicken wings stuffed with crab, shari, and shiso kimchi)
  • Yakitori selections: Shisomaki (chicken breast with shiso leaves and umeboshi); Seseri (chicken neck with lemon); Grilled Tofu with Ginger, Negi, and Seasoned Soy; Momo (grilled chicken with tare), Tsukune (chicken meatballs with yolk and tare)
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding
Chef Aman

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Sumatran oak charcoal, mimicking Japanese’s binchōtan used in Junsei London, holds a steady temperature, emits minimal smoke and enables slow cooking for yakitori. This results in nicely-charred dishes with a mouthwatering texture.

Its yakitori seats, setting guests in the front row, transport the dynamic spirit of dining. Guests can see Jakarta’s appointed chef, Adis, who continues Chef Aman’s fascination with cooking over fire. Chef Aman’s schedule now includes flying Jakarta-London to oversee the two cities’ operations. (des)