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Releases Album ‘8’, Connecting a Band with Life’s Journey



Jakarta, IO – D’Masiv is ready to warmly greet all music listeners with the release of their latest album, a collection titled “8”. Rian shares the creative process that inspired the album’s title, and how this 8th album represents a new chapter for D’Masiv. 

According to their vocalist Rian, naming the album “8” was not an easy decision. Rian and the other band members always struggled to determine an album title. However, they ultimately chose the number 8 because reaching the 8th album is not an easy feat in a band’s journey. Looking at the album cover, they realized there were 8 people in it; 3 children who are band members’ offspring and 5 D’MASIV personnel. The number 8 was chosen for its sacred meaning, symbolizing resilience and continuous luck. For D’Masiv, achieving the 8th album is an extraordinary achievement, and one considered very valuable. 

The creative process of the album “8” was also different from before. After the more experimental 7th album, D’Masiv returned to their musical roots, with a more natural and collaborative approach. They held a 7-day workshop in Bali at a villa. From this workshop, 13 songs were selected to be included in the album, plus 2 new songs created just before the recording concluded. Rian emphasized how this album is very personal and filled with diverse themes, including love songs, touching songs, and songs depicting social realities. 

The album “8” by D’Masiv consists of 15 songs, including: Sampai Mati Kan Ku Kejar (Main Single), Berpura Pura, Selamat Ulang Tahun, Rindu yang tak Pernah Jelas, Jakarta oh Jakarta, Drama, Jalan Ciledug Raya, Ketika Semuanya Akan Menjadi Sebuah Kenangan Namun Hidup Harus Dilanjutkan, Negatif, Bersabarlah, November, Kapan Kau Kembali, Pergi Secepat Ini, Manusia Biasa, Selamat Malam, Tidur Nyenyak and Mimpi Indah. 

The main challenge in making this album was a time limit. Within a month, they managed to record 15 songs, all produced by D’Masiv members themselves without external collaboration. Despite the significant challenge, they successfully completed the album, according to plan, without sacrificing quality. 

They also shared special plans for activities to support this album, including involving their close ones to provide input and document their reactions to the album’s songs. 

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D’Masiv hopes that the album “8” can be a topic of positive conversation and inspire many people. With “8”, D’MASIV wants to convey that they are not just a band, but a home for many. Music for them is not just a profession, but also a way to make a positive impact and a place to be together in life’s journey. 

The album “8” by D’MASIV is now available on all digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Langit Musik, YouTube Music, TikTok Music, and Trebel. The music videos can be watched on YouTube Musica Studio’s. (rp)


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