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Yura Yunita, singer – “Let us remember to thank ourselves”


Jakarta, IO – Yura Yunita, the singer whose popularity derives from her “Dunia Tipu-Tipu” or “World of Tricks” single, is exhorting her fans to express the words in their soul and the emotions they withhold in everyday living, during her upcoming June concert. 

“In the ‘Tutur Batin’ or ‘Words of the Soul’ concert, I want us to express the contents of our souls to each other. To express our emotions, to dance, to cry, and to feel joy and relief together,” Yura declared, in her written statement issued on Monday, 8 May 2023. “So no matter what problem each of us happens to face at the time, I hope that all who attend my concert can support one another and thank themselves for all their efforts so far,” she said. 

The concert will be held at the Jatim Expo, Surabaya, on 9 June 2023, and the Indoor Tennis Hall of the Gelora Bung Karno Sporting Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on 16 June. 

In her event, Yura want to remind her fans that men and women are only human, and that they don’t need to be perfect. “I hope that my concert will be able to remind you all that no matter how difficult our days may feel, we all continue to walk, to pursue the process of improvement to become the best version of ourselves every day, and celebrate our imperfections together in the ‘Tutur Batin’.” 

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The concert was meant to celebrate Yura’s third album of the same title, released in a virtual concert on her YouTube channel on 29 October 2021. To tie in the two events, Yura will be bringing the concept of “returning to nature” in the “Tutur Batin” live show. She has prepared more than 20 songs for it, as well as other, special musical materials just for the event. For that purpose, she entrusts the arrangements to music director Ari Renaldi. 

Let’s express our hidden emotions and thank ourselves with Yura Yunita! (rp)


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