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YPA-MDR supports more than 600 teachers to attend a seminar on the implementation of Freedom Curriculum


Jakarta, IO – PT. Astra International Tbk, through the Astra Education Foundation – Michael D. Ruslim (YPA-MDR), conducted a national education seminar entitled “Realizing Learning Independence Through Freedom Curriculum” in Rote Ndao (12/11).

Rote Ndao Regent Paulina Haning Bullu S.E expressed her appreciation to teachers who are passionate for creativity and innovation. The seminar was attended by more than 500 participants, featuring expert trainers including the Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry’s curriculum developer Dr. Baharudin, M.Pd, Widya Mandira Catholic University (UNWIRA) senior lecturer Drs. Alfons Bunga Naen, M.Pd and Satya Wacana Christian University (UKSW) deputy dean of science faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wahyu Hari Kristiyanto, M.Pd. In addition, 16 trainee teachers from various regions will disseminate works of learning innovations that excelled at the Work Innovation Competition (LINKAR) and Teacher Innovation Week (PIGUR).

YPA-MDR chairwoman Herawati Prasetyo said the initiative was part of the foundation’s effort to support the implementation of the Freedom Curriculum. YPA-MDR has and will continue to collaborate with various universities to become expert trainers in conducting coaching and training programs in schools.


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